Towson’s growing population reaches the classroom

The educational experience gained from each individual college student can be a unique experience. As Towson’s student body continues to grow, students and staff are seeing slight changes around campus.

“The biggest issue is going to be parking,” said Jayne French, an Administrative Assistant. “Space is a huge issue.”

While parking is a large concern for most commuter students and Towson faculty members, others are concerned with how the growing number of students will affect academics. One of these changes impacting academics is the growth in class sizes. Class sizes are expanding as the student population grows larger every fall.

“Some of my classes that were more in the twenty student range tended to be more discussion based classes, which obviously allows, for my learning experience, a better education,” said Ricky French, a Criminal Justice major at Towson University. “You’re learning from other students but you’re also learning the material from your professor and the textbook.”

Every student has a unique learning style and preference for how they want to learn. But as Towson grows, the chances of getting in preferred classes becomes more difficult.

“The grounds of Towson can only hold so many students, so you’re always going to be limited on space whether its parking, smoking, classroom sizes, or things of that nature,” Ricky French said.

As part of their plan to accommodate the growing population, the College of the Liberal Arts building has already been constructed with more plans to add to the current group of learning facilities.

These facilities will also help administrators with more up-to-date resources and adequate spacing.

“The whole thing is technology. There are smart classrooms and teachers are able to do more with PowerPoint and interact with students,” Jayne French said.

As the semester nears an end and another fall approaches, so will the concerns about space.


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