Towson Shuttle Service Enjoys High-Tech Upgrade

It’s 8:45 a.m. and the Towson Shuttle is a few minutes behind the 8:38 arrival timefor the Cranbrook Road bus stop in Timonium. But the three commuter students standing on the street corner aren’t too worried about missing class. A text message was just sent alerting the students the bus is less than a mile away.

The Nextbus GPS tracking system adopted by Towson a year ago is paying major dividends for commuter students. By spending over $90,000 Towson University has made a commitment to enhance the university’s shuttle service.


I stand at the Cranbrook Rd bus stop while waiting for the arrival of the Towson Shuttle (Photo by Zach Sparks / Towson University Student)


Among the many features made available by the Nextbus service are arrival prediction times, email and text alerts, as well as an automatic passenger counting system. The technological enhancements allow students to see how full or empty the shuttle is before they even take a step on board.

The system uses GPS to detail delays in traffic, accidents, and any other problems motorists face on a daily basis. With the Nextbus system in place, the rider has complete control of the transportation experience.

The commitment to maintain a high standard of transportation services has gained momentum in recent years. Towson University recently expanded routes along the Goucher, Kenilworth, and Timonium shuttle stops. A website called College Prowler grades universities on everything from athletics to housing, and the recent additions to the shuttle service were enough to justify a B+ grade for Towson.

 Grades are also based on the “availability and affordability” of buses, cabs, and rental cars associated with the department of parking and transportation services.

 With the Nextbus system in place, technology has taken another step forward in easing the lives of commuter students on campus.


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