The Challenges of Commuting

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The Office of Student Affairs located in Room 217 in the University Union, is the head of all commuter related activities (Photo by Zach Sparks/Towson University student)

The Commuter Student Organization has created a variety of eventsmeant to help commuter students interact with one another. The Good Morning Commuters breakfast and Commuter Appreciation Day have helped many students get more involved. However some students like sophomore Dan Files, think that there is still a disconnect between students on and off campus.

“Unfortunately that variety has only stemmed segregation. The art wing is in the art center with the artists. The media center is with those individuals and the rest are dispersed about and you walk along the path. You don’t know the faces.”

One problem Dan said, is that some of the events aimed to help commuters, are scheduled during the same times every month when some students are unavailable to attend.

“There should be more of an office of social affairs, which is always open as opposed to just the Paws where it’s ok if you have time but that’s infiltrated with students that already live here. So, no, not fair game.”

While not everyone can benefit from the programs created by the Commuter Student Organization, sophomore Andrew Woo says the university has done a great job at providing such opportunities.

“I can’t really think of anything else the school could do. You can only do so much. You can put so much people together but if they don’t work together and they don’t talk than you can’t do anything else. You can’t force people to talk to eachother.”

For anyone interested in joining the Commuter Student Organization, all you have to do is attend an event and you’ll receive a membership card.


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