Student Parking Raises Concerns

The unavailability of space for student parking is a continuing trend that has plagued commuters for the last few years.

The main culprit has been the lack of accessible garages close to the main academic campus. But as Maryland gets hit with the worst snowfall in years, there is another problem. Upper levels of parking garages are being closed down.

Towson University administrators addressed the concerns at the annual Fall Forum in September.

“Garages are very expensive to maintain,” said Pam Mooney, director of auxiliary services. “We have three of them and we’re getting ready to build a fourth.”

The fourth garage Mooney is referring to is set to start construction this summer.

Lot 22, the garage to be located in West Village, is expected to be ready for use during the 2010 Fall semester.

The additional 1,500 spaces are a step in the right direction, but as Towson’s student population continues to grow the number of parking spaces continues to dwindle.

Permit costs will be raised by an amount yet to be determined to supplement the building costs for the new garage.

Officials from Parking and transportation services are also trying to reduce the amount of traffic on campus by promoting carpools and other green initiatives.

Towson’s administrators assured students they are moving closer to a solution.

“Parking is not an exact science,” said Jack Nye, director of facilities management. “We want you to know your questions and concerns are really helping us in the decision making process.”


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