How will this blog help me as a commuter student attending Towson University?

This blog provides information about various events and services offered to commuter students. Also featured are news articles of interest as well as features on individual students.

What is the best way to get around the parking dilemna?

The best way to avoid problems with parking is to know what times the garages will be full and the capacity for more students will be limited. Generally, there are a larger number of spaces available during the early morning and late afternoon hours. During the middle of the day, finding parking can be nearly impossible but there are usually a few spaces near the stadium lot if you’re willing to walk a little farther to get to class.

What services does Towson offer to commuter students?

There are a few monthly events sponsored by the Commuter Student Organization. There is a free breakfast on the first Tuesday of every month, which is part of the Good Morning Commuters program. A Commuter Appreciation Day is also held on the third Wednesday of every month. This event offers food, entertainment, and the opportunity to meet other commuter students. For students that want to consider alternative living options, there is a Off-Campus Living Fair which is held once a year. The fair features representatives from over 35 different housing and business properties. These services offer commuters just about everything they could need.

Does my schedule play an important role in my ability to be involved on campus?

Absolutely, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting involved. If you have a part-time job or other obligations this can be even more difficult but there are an abundance of clubs that meet at various times and overall, Towson does a commendable job at offering services which can serve the majority of its student body.

How do I know which groups or organizations on campus will captivate my interests?

Here is a list of active student groups and organizations affiliated with Towson University. The groups are separated by category ranging from academic groups to special interests. For example if you are a Mass Communications major, you could join the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Advertising Association, Towson Audio Production Society, or find information on how to join the Towerlight’s newspaper staff. There are an abundance of groups meant to cater to the needs of all Towson University students.

Who should I contact if I need further assistance?

The office for Off-Campus Student Services is located in Room 217 of the University Union. Staff can be reached by phone at 410-704-3307 or by email at commuters@towson.edu. There are also two officials available for specific needs. Carol Galladian, Coordinator for Off-campus Commuter Services, oversees meetings and programming. She can be reached at the phone number above or by email at CGalladian@towson.edu. Also Graduate Assistant, Kristina Moore, can be reached at KMoore19@towson.edu.


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