The Commuter Column

A bus stop where several Towson commuters wait every night. (Photo by Zach Sparks/Towson University student)

There are a variety of challenges that come with being a commuter student at a reputable university.

Some of the daunting tasks faced by commuters are finding parking, making friends, and getting involved. Here is a link to a FAQ page highlighting all of the main aspects of commuting to campus.

Every student has a unique schedule to follow and can find their own way of making things work for them.

The main complaint by most students is parking. As another garage is in the process of construction, Towson University administrators have reassured students their concerns are being taken into account.

“Garages are very expensive to maintain,” said Pam Mooney, director of auxiliary services. “We have three of them and we’re getting ready to build a fourth.”

For students in need of transportation assistance, the Towson University shuttle system offers a reliable alternative.

Another concern among commuter students is making friends. The best way to accomplish this is by getting involved, joining a club, or attending campus events. As sophomore Dan Files pointed out, without having this an enjoyable stay at Towson can be difficult.

“Unfortunately that variety has only stemmed segregation. The art wing is in the art center with the artists. The media center is with those individuals and the rest are dispersed about and you walk along the path. You don’t know the faces.”

However by using one of his hobbies to interact with other students, Dan is able to become involved.

Making the transition from studying at home to learning in the classroom can also be difficult, but finding the right classes makes a big difference.

“Some of my classes that were more in the twenty student range tended to be more discussion based classes, which obviously allows, for my learning experience, a better education,” said Ricky French, a Criminal Justice major at Towson University. “You’re learning from other students but you’re also learning the material from your professor and the textbook.”

If you want to hear about the latest parking developments, or the ways in which commuter students are getting involved outside of the classroom, this blog serves as a useful tool to aid you in your collegiate endeavors.


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