A Monument of Baltimore Sports Online Adaptation

Next to the beautiful Oriole Park at Camden Yards, a few blocks away from the $220 million M &T Bank Stadium, stands a memento in honor of Baltimore sports.

Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards holds an abundance of items from the Orioles, Colts, Terrapins, Ravens, and many other teams from Maryland. It also serves as a reminder to many fans that Baltimore is one of the nation’s greatest sports towns.

Room by room, the museum takes visitors back several decades into the glory years of Baltimore athletics. The first room holds autographed footballs, helmets, and photographs from the Colts. Outfits from band members and cheerleaders are also on display alongside visuals of the historic 1958 NFL Championship game against the New York Giants.

Next, two rooms feature Orioles items including game-worn jerseys and two World Series trophies.

Inside another miniature room, fans are treated to a black and white film portraying the professional career of Baltimore’s own Babe Ruth.

On the next floor, the museum provides a few unique inclusions. A replica of a locker room allows visitors to try on different jerseys and look at replica equipment. The next room allows fans to try their hand at broadcasting by matching their voice to one of three video highlights. The replay can be played back for further entertainment.

Glass cases hold even more items from the Terrapins down the hall, followed by exhibits in honor of Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony and Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.

Even with all of these great exhibits, the museum would not be complete without a Ravens section. The most recent addition to the building holds enlarged photographs of future Hall of Fame players Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden. Also on display are jerseys showing the evolution of the Ravens logo and uniform changes throughout the last decade.

As visitors leave the museum they are met with one last unique feature. A book is left open for fans to sign, and in effect add their name to the collective group of sports enthusiasts to have gone behind the scenes of Baltimore sports.


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