School of Rock

Many moviegoers watched the 2003 film The School of Rock starring Jack Black, and may have wished they had a similar experience. What if there really was such a school? One that offered lessons to kids on how to play their instruments, while giving them practice on the stage with other kids.

Well, there is a real School of Rock. Already with summer sessions in Annapolis, Baltimore, and Silver Spring, the newest branch is set to be constructed in Pasadena.

The school will be run by Brandon Bartlett, a professional musician and teacher for the Baltimore School of Rock over the last four years.

Summer camps for the new school will start on June 27, with other dates coming throughout the summer.


About Zach Sparks

Zach Sparks is an aspiring journalist with interests in a multitude of different areas including news, human interest stories and sports. A Towson University graduate, he recently served as a Features intern with the Baltimore Sun, a writer for Baltimore Post-Examiner and a public relations intern with Lawrence Howard & Associates.
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