All Time Low releases “Dirty Work”

All Time Low released their fourth studio album “Dirty Work” on June 7, 2011.

Baltimore-based pop punk band All Time Low released their fourth studio album entitled Dirty Work on Tuesday, two years after their last release, which sold over 60,000 copies.

The formula for All Time Low to this point has been taking risks, while at the same time ensuring they have enough radio-friendly tracks to attract the mainstream audience.

While their last album Nothing Personal  strayed slightly from their punk roots and relied more on a pop sound, Dirty Work takes this transition even further.

The album opens with “Do You Want Me (Dead)” the shortest song in the collection. It has a catchy chorus and fun tone, but the production values and subject matter of confusing girls make it more of a guilty pleasure than a standout track.

“I Feel Like Dancin” is the next track and also the first single. It’s an odd choice considering how different it is from the band’s traditional sound. While it maintains the power chords and pop qualities, it also has a few dance-style moments, making me wonder what inspired the band to attempt a Lady Gaga goes rock rendition.

“Forget About It” and “Time-Bomb” are typical All Time Low songs that would have fit in well on their previous record. A couple of forgettable tracks “Guts” and “Return the Favor” make the middle of the album mediocre before tracks like “Under A Paper Moon” and the acoustic “A Daydream Away” bring it back to respectability.

Closing the record, “Heroes” brings back memories of early All Time Low, more punk than pop, with a faster tempo and well-timed vocals from singer Alex Gaskarth.

Overall “Dirty Work” proves to be average in may facets, but there are enough standout tracks to give the band airplay and teens a playlist to go along with their summer endeavors.


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